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A very proud moment for Helm Wines, with 3 Helm Wines being announced in the newly launched The Real Review‘s Wine Classification of Australia.

The Helm Classic Dry Riesling and Helm Premium Riesling residing in the 1 Merit Tier – “Wines that reliably achieve gold and silver ribbons in recent vintages, with top vintages achieving 95 points or more.”

And our Helm Premium Cabernet Sauvignon showcased amongst an amazing array of exceptional Cabernets in the 2 Merit Tier – “Wines that achieve gold and high silver ribbons in recent vintages, with top vintages achieving 96 points or more.”

What does the Real Review Wine Classification of Australia mean?
“Only wines which have demonstrated their outstanding track record over a decade or longer have a chance to be included in The Real Review Wine Classification. We would like to congratulate you for this amazing achievement only a small fraction of wines manage to accomplish.

What does this mean?
• We’ve received and tasted at least ten vintages of your wine.
• Through blind review and rigorous algorithmic assessment, your wine has been classified in a tier of Merit.”

To find out more about the Classification system, head to The Real Review website and watch the Youtube video where Huon and Bob Campbell explain it all🍷

To access these award winning wines, head to our website and order yours now for delivery.

Premium Cabernet Sauvignon 
Premium Riesling

Classic Dry Riesling